Thursday, May 19, 2011

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout, Willis!

[20:56] KittyCats - Kitten: Type a new name for your Cat in local chat :)


[20:56] KittyCats - BAD ASS COCO WHO DON'T TAKE NO CRAP FROM NOBODY: Aww, I love my name! It's purrfect!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Awwwwwww yeah!

If your KittyCats mainly throw Cocos like mine do, just buy a bunch of collars and embrace that sh*t.

There are six more I couldn't fit in the picture.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to tell if your new kitten is a toy


The latest KittyCats update brings the new possibility of your cats giving birth to a toy or a teacup cat. These are two words that basically mean "small" and "tiny." We had a teacup poodle when I was growing up. Her name was Gigi. She was pretty fragile. She didn't live very long. Her short life was happy though.

Oops, sorry - I got off track there for a minute.

My KittyCats have surprised me with two toys so far, a Coco and a Smokey. WOO HOO! Still poppin' out those Genesis coats, but now in smaller sizes!! Kidding. They're really cute. And I'm on this Coco quest now. I've surrendered to my Coco fate and am now just collecting eye colors. Someday I'll own an array of Cocos with ALL the eye colors. Then I'll line them all up like a kick-ass cat rainbow and yell, "LOOK AT MY COCOS, YAWL!"

Um, anyway. There are a couple of things you should know about toys and teacups:

1. The size is not a trait they can pass to their offspring. You get these little things purely by chance.
2. The stats of an unbirthed box don't indicate whether a toy or teacup is inside. However, the toy and teacup boxes differ in size and design from the normal boxes. So LOOK CAREFULLY before you click that "Menagerie" button or put that box up for sale.

I made you a diagram:


Sorry, I got sloppy with my white pen.

Don't ask me about teacups because I haven't gotten one of those yet.

My toys are for sale, in case you don't feel like sitting around waiting for your own. I need rent money.

My toy Coco boy is in Emerald's Magical Cat Shack. He has Meadow eyes and the cool glowy Flair shade, which is why he's priced at 3500L. However, you can probably talk me down to 2500L. Possibly 2000L. Maybe even 1500L.

I like to aim high before I crumble in defeat.

My toy Smokey girl is for sale at one of my Z Couture cat stands. She has no traits; she's just very small. She costs 1000L. Take her home! Put her on a shelf! Stick her in your purse!

That is all.

Emerald's Magical Cat Shack
Emerald's Z Couture Stand (new!)
KittyCats mainstore

Friday, April 15, 2011

Wild(wood) at heart

I'm so glad Wildwood stepped up its game with this latest update and all these new pelts.

I can't stop snatching up the new starter packs. Some of my new ones are 80 percent preggers right now, and I'm waiting with baited breath for the baskets.

Baited breath!

I've heard a lot of grumbling about the tortoise shells:

Yeah, they look a little bit like someone sneezed a bunch of mud onto a cat, but I love them anyway. My RL cat Chloe, who passed away last November, was a lilac tortoise shell. She was beautiful. So . . . uh, cheers to all the tortoise shells out there. (I'm not sure where I was going with this paragraph.)

See pictures of the new coats on the Wildwood blog HERE.

Wildwood has created several charity cats to contribute to the fundraising efforts for Japan. Six of them are available outside the Wildwood main store, and proceeds from the sale of these six go to the Red Cross:

(I think Protection is cool.)

They actually pose with their paws like that, which is awesome.

The Lucky cat is only available at the Project FUR Japan sim, and proceeds go to Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support:

Yeah, that's me down there, looking like a hot mess. I'm not sure what I was trying to do with that look.

Look at the boxes for these things:

AWWWWWWW! Hi there!

The Wildwood Charity Painted Nekos are 1000L each, and each purchase includes two dishes of breeder food, two dishes of pet food, one Amour Delight 10% desire booster, a happiness-booster scratching post, and a specially designed neko bed. Wooo - I'm out of breath!

They're available through May 8. See way better pictures and read more about them on the Wildwood blog HERE.

Sorry this is pretty old news and this post is kind of stilted. My heart isn't really in this stuff anymore. All these damn breedables are sucking up my lindens and my time. I feel like all I do is feed fake things and check bundles, baskets and boxes all day. Even after investing lindens in some decent genes, I still don't seem to have the luck that many breeders have — my horses are yawn-inducing, my KittyCats are still throwing starter coats, my Biobreeds are blah. I think I'm going to keep 10 Wildwoods and slaughter everything else that procreates soon. Or just set them all out for free on a sim somewhere. Then I'll put this short-lived blog out of its misery too.

If I do, I'll let you know!

Wildwood Kitties main store
Project FUR Japan

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hope and Courage


This is my cat Aisuru. She's a special limited-edition KittyCatS cat available at the ProjectFUR Japan sim, which opens at 9 p.m. SLT today.

The box says this cat is named Yuki Neko "Hope" but the sign says "Kibo Neko" and since "kibo" means "hope," let's call it Kibo Neko, but keep in mind that KittyCatS will be selling a companion "Courage" version at its main store. Let's call *that one* Yuki Neko, which actually translates to "snow cat," which is actually pretty cool, and now ALL THE JAPANESE IS GETTING TANGLED UP IN MY HEAD SOMETIMES I OVER-THINK THINGS SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE.

They're laughing at me!

Forget the names. The important thing to remember is that there will be two different versions — one at the ProjectFUR sim and one at the store — and the bottom line is this: LOOK HOW GORGEOUS THEY ARE. OOOOH! AHHHH! OHHHHHH!

This kitten goes on my list of "favorite things I own in SL."

Each kitten costs 1000L and is sold as a single cat with random gender and includes enough food for a week. All proceeds support the group Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS), which is comprised of three private no-kill animal welfare organizations in Japan: HEART-Tokushima, Animal Friends Niigata and Japan Cat Network. Read more about Project FUR HERE.

I've been stuck on that song "What's New, Pussycat?" for over a month now.


Intrigue is selling a hilarious set of three mustache pet beds for 100L at Project FUR.

I miss the days when my living room had people furniture in it.

I'm not one of those Ozimals people, but look at this bunny:

Taneho Sanke, 995L, also available at Project FUR.

Somebody told me it has gills.

Project FUR
Project FUR Website

Friday, April 1, 2011

. . . and whiskers on kittens

I've noticed that this blog has a tendency to take on a slightly irreverent tone sometimes. The thing is, I have to joke about these animals a little because I spend so much damn money on them. The minute I start taking them too seriously will be the minute somebody should probably check me into a mental hospital.

But I feel BAD about the fact that I've been kind of a Negative Nellie lately, so here are a few of my favorite things:

This Domino KittyCat with Odyssey Sorbet eyes is named MasterCard. I named him that because I paid 15000L for him a couple of weeks ago. Recently I've seen similar-looking cats selling for a mere 2000L, but we're not going to talk about that, are we? No.

I do love him though. He makes me happy, and that's what counts, right?

I'm a sucker for Pink Ice eyes. In my perfect world, I'd have one cat from every KittyCatS breed, and every one of them would have Pink Ice eyes. I'd be the pink ice queen of my pink iceland of cats. Or something like that.

A few days ago, if you were to ask me which Wildwood cat is my favorite, I would have replied, "Lucifer, my solid black cat with crimson eyes."

However, yesterday I clicked Lucifer's stats on accident and did a double-take. Now if you ask me which Wildwood cat is my favorite, I'll reply, "Lucifer, my SOLID BLUE cat with crimson eyes and CLOAK SHADE." Oops. Damn. No wonder he always fathers blues. :\

So, as I'm writing this ultra-compelling post, I'm realizing that the most important breedable characteristic for me is the eye color. You could take the ugliest animal out there and slap an awesome eye on it and I'd be all over it like flies on horse poop. And speaking of horses, I'm a JUNKIE for Amethyst Starshine eyes on Amarettos. They remind me of a Lisa Frank sticker.

(Jeans by WoE)

I know that a High Coat Luster on an Amaretto horse is supposed to be an exciting thing, but I think it makes the horse look squeaky, like it's made out of latex. :(

OOPS! Sorry - I forgot this post is supposed to have a very positive attitude. Next.

Today my special-edition St. Patrick's Day Leprecats gave birth to a Coco kitty with Mocha eyes and Soft Fold ears. I took one look at her and ran off on a quest for a RL candy bar. I finally found a Kit-Kat stashed in my cupboard. How fitting!

I put her up for sale in Emerald's Magical Cat House. I don't really want to sell her, but I'm pretty broke and I promised myself that I wouldn't hoard my kittens, no matter how awesome they are. I have no clue what soft fold ears are worth though. I marked her for sale at 4000L. Is that too much? Someone told me to price her at 8000L, but that seems insane to me.

This post is so exciting I can hardly stand it. I think I'm gonna go check on my 99-percent preggos and see if the stork has stopped by yet.

Have a great weekend!

Emerald's Magical Cat House

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All together now . . .


Must. Resist. Meeroos.

I saw these things hopping around Sineads Breedables the other day. I thought they were finally for sale, but they're still in closed beta testing. I might be too damn exhausted (and broke) to venture into the wonderful world of Meeroos, frankly. If I put as much time and energy into my own sex life as I do into that of fake animals, I'd probably be pretty orgasmic all damn day.

In other news, Wildwood Breedables announced yesterday that a 1.4 update is in the works. They say more than 40 new pelts will be introduced, along with a bunch of new eyes. I can't even imagine 40 new pelts. If you held a gun to my head and said, "Think of 40 new cat pelts," I would probably get to about 15 and then start crying.

Well, hell.

Sadly, I sent approximately half my Wildwoods to "Cat Sanctuary" the other day. I'm running out of both the prim allowance and the lindens to keep them alive. Rare cats that once sold for thousands of lindens won't even sell for 25L anymore. So in that respect, I'm glad Wildwood is finally reviving the market with new traits and pelts. I'm not thrilled at the prospect of buying new starter packs though, but whatever.

I also like the fact that Wildwood took the time to at least make the Cat Sanctuary Totem of Doom look noble, particularly since I'll probably have to send even more of mine there to make room for new ones:

"It will then make your cat disappear and head off for the Cat Sanctuary to live the rest of its days with the Cat Sanctuary Guardian Seph."

I feel much better about this lovely, euphemistic way of deleting them now. Rock on with that, Seph!

Those are my deep thoughts on the matter. Now you can get out there and embrace your day with joy and relief.

Go See the Meeros that You Still Can't Buy Over at Sineads Breedables!
Wonderful World of Meeros Website
Wildwood's 1.4 Update Announcement
Read about Wildwood Cat Sanctuary
Wildwood Breedables Main Store